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What Some Say about Nikita


Love your book I’m waiting for book 2 to find out what the boys are up to.

        Steve Girard, Canyon Lake, CA

I really enjoyed meeting your characters, and following their exploits through “Nikita’s Plan.” I’m looking forward to book two, so please put your nose to the grindstone!!
          Paula Montanez, Corona, CA


“Your book has some amazing insights and showcases many realities and possibilities that should serve as a wake-up call for our state and country.”

-Chuck DeVore, California Assemblyman


“My kind of read.  A great story of great importance.  A must read.”

Major General Paul E. Vallely,    U.S. Army (Ret.)


“I am a huge Jason Bourne / 24 fan.  If you like that genre, you will love this book.  Had I read this book even a year ago, I might have treated it more like a nice fiction read.  However, in the current political climate, this book hits a little closer to home.  Marxism assails a country on a number of fronts: class warfare, the education system, media, politicians, and courts.  This book follows the classic Marxism playbook and shows how freedom and liberty (that we take for granted) is constantly under assault.  I kept asking “could this really happen here in America?”  The answer is a resounding “yes.”  Not for the faint of heart, but definitely an entertaining read.  Highly recommended!”

-Michael O’Flaherty, (Streetsboro, OH USA)


“Nikita’s Plan is a heart pounding experience.  Although this book is fictional, one can relate it to the absolute chaos our country is facing today.  For this reason, Nikita’s Plan captured my attention and didn’t let go for a moment.  While engrossed in this book, you will find yourself cheering, and at the same time worried sick about the characters’ well-being and survival.  After reading this exciting and realistic novel, if you love America, and cherish the values our founding fathers set forth in the U.S. Constitution, you will want to stand up and fight to preserve its greatness.  Nikita’s Plan has all the qualities of a quality film, including mystery, action, suspense and romance all wrapped into one amazingly, well written story by Stephen Kenner.  Moreover, it is a vital lesson to be learned by all.”

-Joan Stanley, (Montana)


“I have to tell you Nikita was awesome.  It was a great read, so much so I read it in less than 24 hours.  I could not put it down.  I put off an appointment so I could finish it.  I almost died when it ended with the phone call.  I want the second book NOW!”

-Tanya Martinez, (Riverside CA)


“This is a fast read.  Once it gets into the action you just keep reading to unfold the people involved.  You know the plot from the beginning, the question is, Can It Be Stopped?  Jack one of the heroes is a mix of 007, John Wayne, and Indiana Jones.  The women are resourceful and intelligent.  If I had read the book earlier, I would have not seen the nuances of socialism in our country today.  Our country is so divided.  The political classes, media, and educational system has done a great job of dividing us.  We have become a “my team versus your team” mentality in our country.  They have done a good job of turning us against one another in order to keep themselves in power.  What will it take for us to remember we are Americans first and foremost and defenders of our Constitution and freedom?  Are our iPods and wide screen TV’s so important we can’t see what has happened to us on the secular and spiritual dimensions?  Are we willing to give up our freedom for comforts?”

-P. Smith, (California)


“I absolutely loves this book.  It was hard to put down.  I would highly recommend it!”

-Marlene Balbach, (San Diego, CA)


“The Value in this book is it’s timing…the eerie parallel of current events in America and this book is too similar to ignore!  America needs to wake up NOW to the reality of “how broken down” our system and its people truly are; Education, Judicial and eCommerce all caving from with-in.  We the PEOPLE of America MUST stand up for of FREEDOM before it is taken away from us.  Whether you sway Red, White and Blue…why are we acting like sheep just following one side or the other?  We need to get back to our roots…our constitution, let us get back to the basics together under God for liberty and justice for all!  All of this chaos is infused by FEAR.  Yes we are scared.  All of our investments are at risk.  This fear is our red flag, it is our push to do something about the sad state of affairs we are all in.  NO MORE free rides!!!  This is where everyone that cares MUST stand up to be ACCOUNTABLE and RESPONSIBLE one person, one family, one community at a time.   Stop blaming and start DOING something for yourself and those you love.  This book will tell you how bad it can REALLY get and how you can be part of the SOLUTION.  Hope is part of this plan, and a belief in a strong foundation created by our founding fathers need to be enforced by us the American people.  Stop relying on false media like Homeland security and No Child left behind.  Open your eyes to the reality.  Feel your heart leading you.  Stop the madness and start praying for a better day.”

-Gina Cavuto, owner of Believe Agency (Santa Clara, California)


“This book will take a hold of you and not let go, can’t wait for his next book.  What he writes about is happening now.  A must read for all that really care for our America.”

-Stephen W. Girard, (Riverside, California)


“He has put into words what many Americans have feared for decades.  The more attention this book gets, the more it will be ridiculed for its earnest paranoia.  If anyone reading this review enjoyed the Left Behind series, they will certainly enjoy Nikita’s Plan.”

-Christopher Naron, (Victorville, California)


“I really enjoyed reading it.  I found it to be very thought provoking – I encourage you to read it.”

-Dr. Tom Hill,

Founder of the Eagle Institute


Said to Michael Medved.  “I read this book in one flight from L.A. to New York.  You have got to read it.  Congratulations Steve on your first book.”

-Mike Gallagher, National Radio Talk Show Host


Rose Girard Canyon Lake, CA ·

Just finished reading the most eye opening book, a real reality check, a must read. Does not matter if your Republican or Democrat this book is a must read. I could not put it down!!! Look it up on Amazon. Nikita’s Plan by Stephen Kenner.