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Nikitas Plan Stephen Kenner
Nikita’s Plan takes a look at our current social decline by

Stephen Kenner Having been raised in Southern California, Stephen traveled extensively throughout the states and overseas, his life has always been full of challenges of all types. He spent most of his career as a corporate controller, but surviving pancreatic cancer led him to pursue other more exciting adventures. In 2008, Mr. Kenner started writing about passionate and provocative subjects like Nikita’s Plan. He honestly wanted to wake up this nation to realities and to the harsh possibilities that our sovereignty and freedom are at risk. Putting reality into a fictional dialogue might just spark enough interest for the general public to get its head out of its rear and look around. ‘We must as a Nation stop giving into socialistic values and stand up for the God given rights that we own.” –This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

“We will bury you!”

Actually, what he really said was, “You will bury yourselves from within.”

Sound ridiculous? Maybe, maybe not. As we look around this Great Nation, we see we are witnesses to a terrible decline in morality, accountability, and statesmanship. What started this decline is speculative at best. Unfortunately, there are as many opinions as there are people.

Nikita’s Plan takes a look at this dilemma by mixing some old facts with some current events. Throw these together into a serious, fast-paced, “Action Packed” suspense novel, and you end up with this huge 2×4. It is my wish that this subliminal big stick is used to awaken the general public to the seriousness of our societal decline. It is our wish that every American read this book before they vote again.